Volleyball – An Effective Way To Get A Perfect Body

One good way of being fit and burning fat is to engage in playing volleyball.

It is a type of team sport played by two opposing teams with 6 players each, separated by a net.

It is widely known not only for the thrill and excitement everyone could get from it, but also known for the health benefits it can provide the players.

When one aims to burn excessive fats as well as too many calories stored inside the body, a combination of calorie-controlled eating plan plus a regular game of volleyball will definitely contribute in becoming fit and in perfect shape.volleyball

Studies have shown that about 45 minutes of volleyball burns an amount reaching to 585 calories. Through consistent exercise, this workout could burn a total 213,525 calories in just one year which is equivalent to an amount of about 61 pounds of stored body fat.

This fat-burning activity improves the body’s fat-percentage and the muscle ratio of the entire body.

Forty-six millions of Americans are now indulged in playing volleyball proving it to be one of the best team sports in the world. Both man and woman of different ages can simply go and play volleyball, which can be either indoors, at the beach or outdoors.

When one starts to be involved in playing volleyball, it does not just help in lowering body fat, it also serves as an effective tool to raise metabolism, helps in increasing muscle tone in the arms and shoulder and at the same time helps in strengthening the upper portion of the body.

Playing volleyball enhances energy levels fueling up a person’s capacity to perform well.

For those individuals who want to be in a good shape and enhance the legs and lower extremities of the body, playing volleyball can also turn into the best solution.

Apart from being a good routine to promote hand-eye coordination and develop fast reflexes, playing volleyball is also a good workout to build up leg muscles and to keep it fit and firm.

Even though there are a lot of traditional ways to improve leg muscles, playing volleyball is the most effective way to achieve fuller, firmer amazing legs.

Starting to play the sport requires a series of warm-ups, especially those stretching designed for the outer and inner thigh, to prepare the body for a very intensive game. Gradual and proper execution of every routine also helps in achieving good results. [stretching exercise]