Walk Your Way To Fitness In Three Simple Steps

Most of us know that walking is among the simplest, more effective and easiest to incorporate into a daily routine fitness program. It requires no special skills, no fancy expensive equipment and anyone can do it safely!

This article outlines simple ways to incorporate walking into our daily lives and how about 3 simple ways to walk your way to weight loss, good health and body fitness.

walk your way to fitnessIt is recommended, that if one wants to lose weight, walking for the duration of one hour to one and a half hours will help you shed the pounds. And even making certain small, seemingly insignificant changes to one’s lifestyle can help you get on the road to fitness:

Interval Walking

Rather than walking at a steady pace or constant speed, give yourself short spurts of acceleration when you walk faster. This, according to the Fitness Walking Guide will make your walk more effective and result oriented by helping you burn more calories. Also slopes make things tougher for you, getting you huffing and puffing, indicating that you’re burning more calories. So if there are any hills or inclines close by, then take advantage of them to burn more calories. If it’s a treadmill you walk on, adjust it to increase the incline.

Small changes will add up

Even if you cannot make the time for a full 90 minute walk you can make changes to your daily routine to incorporate more actual walking. When parking the car at the office, park some distance away and walk the final few blocks. If it’s a choice between an elevator and the stairs, pick the latter – walking up stairs is as good as jogging, but without the impact

Set yourself Challenges

You can use a pedometer to track how many steps you took in a day. This will not only help you keep track of how much you walk in a day, but also helps to motivate you to go further and work harder. You can set yourself incremental goals to walk 250 steps more each day or week to make improvements and progress. If you reach your goal, give yourself a little treat – a spa treatment, a new movie or watching a play etc. You should be aiming for ten thousand steps a day.

Walking requires no learning or equipment so it is free and easy. Walking out of doors gives you added benefits of the outdoors and fresh air, and also helps relax you. So go ahead and walk your way to fitness!