Walk Your Way to Fitness

The holidays usually precede the best intentions in the form of New Year resolutions, with overindulgence coming before the resolve to lose weight. Following this could be a gym membership and perhaps even more guilt as it goes unused. So rather than the guilt and a (possibly) useless membership, walk your way to fitness!

walkingNot only can walking help you shed extra pounds it can keep your lungs and heart healthy, keep away heart disease, diabetes and cancer and even keep at bay conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

Not just that, it can keep depression at bay, improve circulation and energy levels and lower blood pressure as well.

Even for a person just starting out, it is possible to do one and a half miles in half an hour. So try and fit in a couple of 10 minute walks in a day and then try and increase this.

The rule of thumb here, according to Rachel Armstrong fitness coach is that if you can manage only one word replies in a conversation when walking, this means you are working too hard.

Get into the habit of walking; and you don’t have to head to the hills to walk. City walking is as good – look for parks, and so on.