Want To Begin A Female Fitness Program? Things To Consider While Starting Your Fitness Program!

Owing to various health problems, people of these days are getting more and more aware of the importance on fitness.

Women generally practice fitness exercises to reduce their excess weight and maintain the desired weight.

Once attaining the desired weight, the main goal of female fitness is to tone and define a perfect body shape.

Although men and women are physiologically similar, women have a tendency to accumulate fat in various parts of the body (hips, triceps and glutes) when compared to men.

Female fitness is the best way to reduce the body fat and attain a perfect body shape.Female Fitness

Female fitness program involves a wide range of fitness exercises that help reduce overall body fat; particularly targets and tones on these affected areas. Cardiovascular exercise (aerobic exercises) forms the basis of any female fitness program.

On the other hand, while selecting an exercise routine for female fitness, always consider the type of activity, the duration, the frequency, the intensity and the progression of the activities.

The best and most recommended cardiovascular exercises for fitness are walking, running, jogging, dancing and swimming.

According to the sports experts, 15-50 minutes of aerobic activity (continuous or discontinuous) is the minimum required time for female fitness. Also, 3-5 times of aerobic activities a week is most essential for female fitness.

The intensity of the activity varies depending on the type of aerobic activity. The intensity of the activity should target heart rate. A good and reliable indicator of heart rate is 60-80% of one’s maximum heart rate.

So, it is very essential to exercise with a heart rate not more than between 60-80 % of your maximum heart rate. It is recommended to increase the intensity progressively by about 5-10% per month.

Attaining female fitness with three-phase exercise routine:

To safely target the aim of female fitness, it is essential to follow an exercise routine in three phases: warm up, workout, and cool down.

In warm up phase, practice stretching and breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes, as it helps increase body temperature; loose the joints of legs and hands to avoid any unnecessary pain or discomfort. It also prepares the heart muscles for the workout phase.

The workout phase should last for 15-50 minutes. For a workout phase, primarily, select the exercises with low to moderate intensity. Gradually increase your intensity of exercises with strenuous, high intensity workouts. By doing so, you can easily attain female fitness.

The cool down phase should last for 5-10 minutes. In this phase, get back your physiological system to its resting level with cooling exercise (slow walking) at a gradual speed. This helps the heart to accustom the decrease in blood flow and oxygenation.

In order to maintain female fitness bodybuilding routine to tone and shape the body, it is recommended to have three days of cardiovascular aerobic exercise along with forty-five minutes of weight-training.

In addition to cardiovascular exercises, female fitness should include a healthy diet with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle with a good night’s sleep and avoiding smoke and alcohol consumption.