Ways To Go Green As You Workout

drinking water in steel canAndrea Metcalf, fitness and lifestyle instructor described on ABC news her ways to go green even when exercising: any workout that connects you to nature is the way to go green she says.

And it is not just walking in the park and communing with nature, there are other ways to go green as you work out:

  • Drinking water for your workout is best carried in eco friendly, recyclable, reusable stainless steel cans.
  • Even if you are using the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, don’t worry about it as long as you recycle. They can be turned into a park bench to the clothing that you wear!
  • You can use fitness clothing that uses recycled plastic as one of the ingredients that goes into making it.
  • You can use clothing to wick away moisture that is made from coconut shells. This is used to line a lot of fitness gear that you wear.  This also keeps the clothes odor free!
  • 100% organic cotton can be an excellent eco friendly option for your fitness clothing as well.
  • Other fitness gear such as yoga mats, exercise ball etc can also be eco friendly: as can be their packaging.

Source: abcNews