Wefit For 2 – Fitness For Couples

It is a unique concept that could make a lot of sense for couples, for many different reasons. According to the website of the couples fitness program WEFITFOR2, this is a workout based on “two key tenets that will ultimately change your life: commitment and connection.”

It is a new concept of ‘partnering’, an intimate fitness program that uses the body weight of a partner to achieve the highest “body changing results”.

It is unique not only in that it requires you to have a workout partner who can help to make things interesting and keep motivation levels high, it also enhances intimacy and emotional contact between two people.

One could work out with a partner who is a friend, a spouse, a lover, or anyone with similar fitness goals whom you are comfortable with and connected to.

Physical and technical methods are used in this program, makes not only bodies connect through touch and closeness, but also brings about an emotional connect, it is claimed.

According to Dean Graham, personal trainer and yoga instructor who is one of the two instructors in the program DVD, this program gives couples time to spend together in their busy lives, which they would otherwise not have.