Weight Loss Exercise Programs Are Fun and Beneficial

You can see many advertisements which say that you can lose weight fast within no time with pills and supplements. But pills and supplements are not going to help you get rid of excess weight. The only way for weight loss is the cardiovascular exercise and healthy diet.

With weight loss exercise, you can burn more fat. Many gyms are focusing on creating cardiovascular fitness classes that keep you engaged and help lose weight easily.

Weight loss exercises:

Weight Loss Program


Spinning is a weight loss exercise similar to biking. When you spin, you have to use a machine similar to bike but with only one wheel and adjustable resistance so that you can control the level of exertion.

If you are a beginner, start with the handle in a traditional biking position. Once you proceed through levels and become fit, the handles will be almost level with the bike saddle.

Spinning imitates mountain biking by changing resistance of different points throughout the workout, imitating hills and raises. Be prepared for sweaty workout as more number of calories is burned.

In the first few classes you will have muscle soreness and stiffness that disappears within a few days. If you are performing this weight loss exercise, you have to wear heart rate monitors to track heart rate and move to the ideal range for maximum fat burning.

Step aerobics:

Step aerobics is a weight loss exercise which burns more calories. An instructor will lead the classes in step aerobics. Depending on your fitness ability, you need an exercise step that can be raised or lowered. The instructor leads the class in aerobics after a warm up utilizing the step to increase calorie burn.

If you increase the intensity, it equals a higher fat burn. Arms are included as part of the workout to increase heart rate. Include strength training as part of fitness program.

Belly dancing:

Belly dancing is a weight loss exercise which does not need any special workout gear. You have to start the basics by moving your hips and waist. From basics you can go to the more complicated twists that make belly dancing more unique and seductive.

The calorie burning is average in this weight loss exercise but when it is combined with diet and brisk walking several times a week, you can see the fat begin to melt away. Apart from burning calories, abdominal muscles get firm and toned.

Once the fat is burned, you can see beautifully defined abdominals. In addition to this, you can learn unique skill with this weight loss exercise that you can use as a workout any time you like.