When Goals Are The Problem, Not The Solution

Having goals can help us achieve what we want. If you set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight, for example, or increase your resting heart rate, then you have a specific measure of your achievement. But what happens after you achieve your goal?

We do need to take time to relish what we have earned. But the danger when it comes to exercise and fitness is that we become complacent.

We fail to set up our next goal, or we allow boredom to creep in. The next thing you know is the pounds have crept back on or you have dropped your exercise program because it was no longer interesting, exciting, or challenging. You had nothing to look forward to.fitness goal

Fitness and health involve more than just numbers and goals. Fitness isn’t something you achieve, then cross off your list and forget about. For a long, healthy life, you must remain active. You can only do this if you make exercise an ongoing part of your life.

To help yourself do this, set goals that will keep you growing and moving forward, even as you build on your achievements. If you like to run, try training for a 10K.

If you like to walk, prepare for a charity walk-a-thon. If you like the more structured setting of a gym, commit to trying several new classes, or learning how to use new fitness equipment.