Why Warm Up Exercises Are Essential Before Starting Any Fitness Workout?

Are you regularly practicing warm up exercises before your routine body workouts?

It is very essential for anyone to practice warm up exercises before starting any kind of fitness workout.

Warm up to your body is nothing but preparing your body muscles and joints for more powerful activities, which can help to prevent injuries as well as to provide good blood circulation in your body.

Warm up exercises mainly increases your body temperature and makes your muscles more flexible and also responsive to various strenuous activities. Most of the experts will advise you to engage yourself in certain warm up exercises before you practice stretching exercises.Warm Up Exercises

This warming up of your body must slightly increase your heart rate but not to a level which you will experience during normal body workouts.

Are you aware of these body warm ups?

  • Simulated running arm action: It can be done either in seated or in standing position. The seated version can work well, especially for improving your core stability, as you need to work hard to maintain proper stability on the floor. Practice this exercise for up to 15-60 seconds by varying your speed of movement.
  • Certain leg drives: Try to lean forward against a wall with your hands stretched out at your shoulder level. Maintain appropriate width between your feet and the distance from the wall should be one meter.Now look straight ahead by keeping your body straight and lift your left leg with knee bent, till the upper thigh is parallel to the ground. Next, from hip, drive your leg back, so that your forefoot touches the floor, then pull back your leg to initial position to complete one repetition. Repeat this in sets of ten on each of your both legs. Gradually try to increase your speed of drive.
  • Leg cycling: With the same starting position as for the above mentioned exercise, this time try to sweep your leg back up and behind, instead of driving, before pulling it back from the hip to the initial position. Try to keep your foot more flexible and stretched towards your leg. Try to practice this warm up exercise with very slow speed and try to increase the speed gradually when you become more confident.

These are some of the warm up exercises which can be helpful for you in preventing injuries during normal exercise workouts and also improves your blood circulation. Discuss with your physical trainer regarding these warm ups before you start performing.