Wine Is Not Fattening For Women, Claims Report

One recent study that is causing high spirits on the social networking sites recently is one that declares that moderate drinkers among women were less likely to get obese. This goes against the popularly held belief that alcohol consumption leads to weight gain.

The study was conducted by Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston by questioning over 19,000 women about their drinking habits. The 38% who were teetotal among them gained the most weight over a 13 year period. It was noted that the women who gained least weight were the red wine drinkers, less than those who drank beer and spirits.

However, before you rush to down the closest bottle of plonk you can find, be warned that red wine is not a weight loss aid of any sort. While the benefits of wine are not in question, the reason that the study found what it did, probably bases itself on a typical scenario: It envisages wine drinking women who gain less weight because at the end of a day one woman may have a bar of chocolate to unwind whereas another may have a glass of wine. Obviously the glass of wine has fewer calories and may therefore lead to less weight gain over the years.

The vital fact underlined by this study is merely that moderation is the key to fit and healthy body.

Source: The Telegraph