Women Are Not The Same As Men When It Comes To Fitness

It is not just men that want to have firm muscles and feel much stronger; girls too like to put in the effort in order to improve their physique.

Just like anyone looking to build up body mass, girls first need to get their diet right.

Females burn up far less calories so the daily intake should be a lot lower than men, a well balanced healthy diet should also include extra nutrients such as iron.

The key is to understand your body metabolic rate which means knowing how many calories your body burns both while resting and exercising.fitness1

There are certain exercises well suited to girls, these include chin ups, dumbbell presses, flyes and stiff legged dead lifts.

All of the aforementioned push the lower body areas utilizing them all at the same time. After a short time the ability to stretch and be flexible will be noticeably improved.

Girl’s bodies are much more complex than their male counterpart, which is why it is advisable to work under an experienced fitness trainer who will be able to determine what is required and how to obtain the best results. Ideally an individual program should be created and followed closely.

As far as the actual raising of weights goes, girls should not hold back from extra tough weights. It is only by pushing boundaries that the muscles that are desired will materialize. The muscles of the body will always respond to resistance, therefore it needs to be gradually increased.

During work outs, a girl’s cellular components can suffer from damage and it is for that reason that plenty of rest will be necessary, after all sessions of strength training. It is while the body is inactive that these components will start to be produced again.

The key to muscle building is the balance between nutrition and exercising. Girls often fall into the trap of looking at body building from the point of view of males, this is a mistake. It is worth taking the time to understand the mechanics of the female body to understand the differences.

Genetic make up and physicality as well as the various hormones all have a part to play. Most successful supplements used by professional bodybuilders contain testosterone; this is not an option for girls.

For a great looking and healthy body the combination of fitness nutrition and weight training will bring the best result, which will also be longer lasting.