Workout Etiquette; Are You in the Right?

For the first few months of the year gyms and health clubs up and down the country will be packed to the rafters with people clinging on to their healthy routines and resolutions.

You might consider yourself an exercise aficionado or you may be one of those with just good intentions.

Either way there are some important guidelines in terms of gym etiquette that you should always adhere to.

Whether unwritten rules or part of the “bible” for fitness fanatics undertaking their personal trainer qualifications, always be mindful and make sure you’re not in the wrong.

Clean up after yourself

This should always be rule number one. Imagine finally being able to get a spot on a machine in a packed gym only to sit down and find the seat covered in the sweat of the previous user. Always carry a sweat towel whenever you work out and remember to use it.


Hogging the equipment is a sure fire way to frustrate all those other gym users around you. Everyone pays a membership fee and has a right to use the equipment – the gym isn’t simply tailored for your exact needs.

At busy times many health clubs operate a policy of half an hour workouts on cardio machines like cross trainers and exercise bikes. If that’s the case stick to it; and don’t leave your towel on a piece of equipment expecting it still to be free when you get back.

Put things away

If you use some free weights put them away after you’ve used them. Think about your frustration when you want to use something and you have to search the entire gym floor to find it.

Personal Protocol

We all go to gyms and health clubs for the equipment. Otherwise we’d be pounding the pavement or heading down to our local park. But proper gym etiquette isn’t just about how you use the facilities. There’s also a personal protocol that you should always try and adhere to. Obvious things like keeping your mobile switched off and your iPod volume to a minimum are too often ignored, as is not sharing the water fountain.

However, one of the biggest problems is individuals offering unsolicited advice. Unless you’re a certified personal trainer, don’t go around correcting other people’s form without their permission. If anyone asks you for advice, don’t give it unless you’re absolutely sure. Any wrong suggestions could result in another person injuring themselves.

None of these should be news to anyone who’s ever stepped into a gym or health club; and if they are the culprit could be you. Step up your game. It’s better for everyone.