10 of the Most Amazing Running Surfaces in the World

It is true that humans can run on almost any kind of surface with a good amount of training and two legs to support them. But not all surfaces are equally formed or created and hence might not support running that much.  A good running surface is one which has a certain less stressed impact on your legs and helps you to make your run smooth and problem-free.

Amazing Running Surfaces


The following is a list of the 10 of the most amazing running surfaces in the world.

1. Grass

Grass is soft and makes for an excellent running surface. Grass makes your muscles work really hard and therefore helps you to build strength.  If the grass surface is flat, you can achieve great speed of running on it.

2. Woodland trails

Another great surface of running is woodland trails. Trails are generally levelled and hence are easy on the legs, which can help you accelerate and not get tired too soon. Moreover, this kind of a running surface has some wonderful scenic beauty which adds to the fun.

3. Earth

Earth forms another great running surface and the risk of injuries on this kind of a surface is low. Therefore if you need an inspiration setting for running, go run on earth.

4. Cindlers

Cindler is a good combination of carbon, fine rock, slag and ash. Cindler paths are often available in town parks and make for an excellent running surface, one which is well maintained and very easy on your legs.  Moreover, Cindlers are often laid down tracks which have a measured distance and are helpful for runners

5. Synthetic track

Synthetic track is another running surface which is the fastest running surface for runners.  This kind of a surface is very versatile and support fast runners well.

6. Treadmill

If you are really looking to run in order to shed weight and be healthy, why not opt for a treadmill. It is not only a good and comfortable running surface but is one for which you don’t really need to head outdoors. Moreover, with a treadmill, you can keep track of various statistics such as distance, speed, time and others.

7. Asphalt

Another surface which is loved by runners across the world is asphalt.  Asphalt is basically a mixture of tar, gravel and crushed rock and is another very fast running surface.  This surface puts less stress and strains on the tendons and makes running easy.

8. Sand

Sand is a dry and very deep surface which can also be counted on the list of the best running surfaces in the world.  Running on sand is also a good resistance exercise.

9. Concrete

Concrete is made up of cement and is very flat. Thus it makes for a good running surface and doesn’t strain the legs too much.

10. Snow

Snow offers a great running experience too.  It not only gives a sense of adventure but also helps muscles in recovering from injuries of many types.

Photo Credit By: runnersworld.co.uk