5 Things You May Be Keeping from Your Doctor

secrets from doctorSeemingly unimportant fibs that you tell your doctor could have serious repercussions. Find out if you are making these mistakes and if you are keeping secrets from your doctor:

  1. “I haven’t been taking the pills you prescribed” – If you don’t tell your doctor this, then he will assume that the pills have been ineffective, and this could make your treatment ineffectual and harm you. Remember not to just start but finish the course of pills prescribed, particularly antibiotics.
  2. “I am on a crash diet” or underwent a cleanse, and so on. You don’t tell your doctor because he would right away disapprove since this could rob your body of vital nutrients and dehydrate you.
  3. “Sexual partners or Sexual Abuse” – The reason you should inform your doctor about any and all of this is so that he can make a more informed and accurate diagnosis. There are factors that could impact future babies, so be sure to be honest about this.
  4. “Family Health History” – Any history of cancer or other diseases and tendencies in the family should also be communicated, to help a doctor get a more complete picture of your health and prescribed medications accordingly.
  5. “I’m getting a second opinion” – Don’t hide this fact, so that there is no danger of drug interactions or incompatible treatments. Also tell your doctor about any alternative therapies that you try.