7 Consequences You Will Encounter When You Skip The Gym!

Regular visit to the fitness gym is one way of getting a fit body. But, giving a break to your gym [Total gym fitness] routine is not good for your health and fitness. If you give break to your gym routine, here are some things which might happen!

1. Sleep suits:

Lifting the weights burns many calories. The stress associated with lifting weights makes your body to take rest and recover to restore itself.

You will have deeper and high quality sleep after completing your first session. Also, the time it takes for you to fall asleep will be halved.Sleep suits

2. Troubled breathing:

Your lungs are like your biceps. When you exercise, lungs become stronger and bigger, particularly during cardiovascular workout.

Troubled breathing

But, giving a break makes the lungs and their supporting muscles weaker. As a result, you cannot breath enough amount of oxygen thus resulting in breathlessness.

3. Upbeat News:

Your ticker can not drive as much blood around with each contraction, but your muscles still need the same amount of blood to get them work. This problem will be solved by your heart. It increases the number of contractions per each minute to move the blood around to the right places.

4. Risky joints:

Resting on the sofa deprives your joints of their synovial fluid. Bending makes your limbs to push the fluid out of your joint membrane.

Risky joints

The synovial fluid that lubricates the cartilage makes your joints to move smoothly. Your joints will become less rigid within a week or two.

5. Brain disturbances:

Brain disturbances

The neural pathways which exist between your muscles and brain become inactive thus making them less efficient.

As a result you will become weak. When you continue the workout training, your brain becomes more familiar.

6. Gland signals:

Exercise makes your adrenal gland to release the stress hormone called cortisol into your bloodstream.

Gland signals

Giving a break to your routine workout causes more cortisol to release into your blood stream than usual. As a result, your joints will become inflamed.

7. Legging it:Legging it

The next day after you return from gym, you may feel like someone has hammered on your legs.

Lifting weights causes to put more stress on your muscles and it results microscopic tears in them.

As your body repairs these tears, your muscles become bigger, while bone tissues become stronger.