9 Reasons Why Exercise Means Improved Sexual Performance

There are a number of reasons of exercise, good health, better fitness, enhanced physical appearance, improved athletic ability, staving off disease, and if that is not enough, here is one more: better sex. Exercise improves sexual prowess and the way you experience sex in many ways:

  1. Exercise makes you fitter and consequently makes you feel sexy. They say the most potent sexual organ is between the ears; i.e. the brain! If you feel sexy you are sexy! It is as simple as that and this is what makes for a better time in bed!
  2. Exercise improves sexual performance. Your stamina and endurance get a fillip with regular exercise. Also your strength and physical ability improve, which translates into better sex.
  3. Since your energy levels also improve with regular exercise, you will be inclined to do it. More often and for longer durations as well!
  4. You become more flexible with exercise. This opens up whole new possibilities for you in the bedroom. Inventive new positions and locations will suggest themselves with improved and greater physical control that is a consequence of exercise.
  5. For men, exercise is seen to improve conditions such as erectile dysfunction. Very often erectile dysfunction is because of nothing but poor blood circulation. As exercise improves your blood circulation, so will it improve sexual function.
  6. Exercising can keep you sexually young. Research has shown that seniors who exercise have a far better and more active sex life than those who do not. So with exercise, your sexual age can remain lower than your chronological age. Seniors who are more active report having sex as good as people decades younger than themselves.
  7. Specific pelvic floor exercises such as Kegel are good for a number of reasons such as preventing incontinence and also for improving sexual performance. For women in particular performing these regularly can help to improve orgasmic responsiveness, and to intensify and strengthen orgasmic capabilities.
  8. More exercise can have a positive impact on sex life in some real basic way as well: more exercise means a fitter and more attractive body, which in turn means more sex! It could be as simple as that really!
  9. Exercise helps to release endorphins, which is the hormone that elevates mood and pleasure sensations. Associated with “runner’s high” endorphin release enhances your sex drive which means more frequent sex, better arousal and sensation, and more powerful orgasms.