Avoid Firmness Of Trapezius Muscle With Simple Massage!

Are you experiencing tightness in your shoulder and neck areas?

A good massage to your trapezius muscle can prevent the firmness of your shoulder and neck muscles.

When your trapezius muscle becomes more stressed or undergoes any tension, then you can feel firmness in your neck and shoulder muscles.

Trapezius muscle mainly works to move your neck in various directions and its degree of looseness and firmness mainly affect the flexibility of your neck. Here is small technique to give a good massage to trapezius muscle.

This massage is very useful for the people who work at computer desks and also for people who spend more time in driving. Just try it out and get relaxed from tightness of your shoulder and neck muscle.Trapezius Muscle

A Simple massage technique for your trapezius muscle:

This massage technique for your trapezius muscle is very easy and works well for your neck and shoulder muscles and it hardly requires 5 or more minutes to complete the massage.

You can do it on your own, provided, if you are clear with the process involved in the massage. These are the simple steps involved which you need to follow during the massage for trapezius muscle.

  • The fist and foremost step is to locate your trapezius muscle. How ever, it is a big muscle present on both sides of your neck, across your shoulder and almost all the way down to your back. You need to identify, only the upper portion of the muscle for this massage technique.
  • Cross both the arms in front of your body, to place the palm of your hand on the upper portion of your other shoulder.
  • Starting from the base of your neck, massage the muscles in a rhythmic way and continue the massage slowly, moving towards the arm in increments.
  • Use a little pressure on the trapezius muscle that is deep enough in order to make a difference. You will not experience any pain by exerting pressure rather you feel much better than before. In terms of muscle therapy, it is known as “the good hurt”.
  • Try this trapezius muscle massage on the other side of your shoulder to get good relaxation.