CNN And Foursquare’s Healthy Eating Initiative

Starting this Sunday September 26, CNN is launching a healthy eating initiative called Eatocracy: Mind, Body and Wallet, which will promote healthy eating. In conjunction with Foursquare, CNN will check in at the local farmers markets to reward people for healthy eating.

healthy eatingThere are over 6000 farmers’ market locations in the United States and you can take a look here at this Farmers Market Directory to see which is the one closest to you.

The aim is to help people make healthy eating choices – in terms of what we eat, where we purchase our food and how much we spend on it.

CNN and Foursquare are launching this initiative to encourage people to eat healthy by making it easier for them to find and access locally grown food.

They are working with farmer market representatives, through their special platforms to arrange for discounts to be passed on to the consumer.

In addition people can access the latest ‘Food News’ by tuning in to the CNN Newsroom daily from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET and you can also access the information at the CNN website.