Fun Ways To Increase Your Activity Levels

We all know that we have to exercise to get healthy or remain healthy if we already are. But what is also true is that some of us seem unable to exercise or keep to an exercise routine even if our life depended on it! So what are we to do about this?

Well there are plenty of fun activities that give you a good workout, without feeling as though you are actually working out:

Walk and talk: Do you have some phone calls to make? The kind that will take quite a bit of time? Well make those while walking. You can walk and talk at the same time so that you don’t feel as though you are making any kind of effort for exercise.

You can walk up and down in your yard or just take a walk down your street, walk up to the supermarket or any number of places. There is typically a lot of time we spend on the cell phone each day; make sure that they are spent walking.

And who knows, if the conversation is interesting enough, you may end up getting even more of a workout that you planned!

Go to the mall: Walking up and down all those aisles, window shopping, walking the long mall corridors with loaded bags is a work out, and no mistake. Just remember to steer clear of the food court or you will put back on all that you lost!

Take up an exotic dance: Learn how to belly dance, or pole dance or even learn one of the Latin dances like salsa or the Cha Cha.

You may be amazed at how tired a vigorous dance session may make you feel; dancing is a very real workout; but what a very fun way to burn those calories! The added benefit could be the boost that exotic dancing may give your sex life!

Gardening: Water the plants, weed some flower beds, rake the leaves, and mow the lawn. Gardening or any yard work for that instance could get you a nice old work out. Just don’t forget the sun screen if you are working outdoors in the sun!

Start a new hobby: This could be any new sport such as basketball, ping pong, badminton or anything really. Engaging in a sport increases energy, stamina and gives you a whole body workout in the most enjoyable of ways.

You could also try a new adventure sport that you have been interested to try out but never did. Parasailing, hang gliding, surfing, and any number of things can help get you a work out and offer the added satisfaction that comes from learning something new!