Health Benefits of Running

Running is one of the best things you can do for yourself. In matter of fact, there are many benefits of running. Below are some of the benefits, as well as other useful information.

health benefits of runningImproves Your Health

One of the best things about running is that it can improve your overall health, and this is backed by research. When you run, and you continue to do it on a regular basis, then your good cholesterol levels will increase, and your lung function will increase. Not only that, but you reduce your risk of developing blood clots.

Disease Prevention

Another benefit of running is it can prevent certain diseases, such as breast cancer. It can reduce your chances of having a stroke too, and nowadays many doctors recommend running to those who are in the early stages of diabetes, as well as osteoporosis. People can reduce their risk of having a heart attack when they run.

Lose Weight

The most obvious benefit running has to offer people is that it can help people lose weight. If a person is looking to lose fat, then one of the best ways to do it is by running a few times per week. Running is actually one of the most effective ways to burn calorie, so if you need to shed some pounds, then ho ahead and run a few times per week.

Boost Confidence And Reduce Stress

You can boost your confidence, as well as reduce stress when you run. Sometimes your body needs to burn of excess energy and hormones, and when it does do this, then you can reduce stress. One of the best ways to burn off excess energy and hormones is by running regularly.

Improve Your Depression

If you suffer from depression, then consider taking up running. When you run, you burn excess hormones off and relieve stress and you just feel good after a good run. The more you run and the more consistent you are with it, the better you will feel.

Benefits Of Running Competitively And/Or In A Marathon

Now that you know what some of the benefits of running are, you should know what the benefits of running competitively or in a marathon are. A main benefit is the feeling you will get after you complete a marathon. You will feel accomplished and you will love working hard up until the day of the race, as you will have to train and have a lot of discipline leading up to the race.

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