How to Stop Hating the Exercise?

All of us are totally aware that our bodies need to exercise. For most it is essential to get into shape and become fitter. A lucky few need to exercise to maintain their body or fitness levels.

Exercise is important not just to stay fit, but also to feel good about one’s self. Exercising releases endorphins, the feel good chemical. So even if all that working out does not help you lose too much weight it is definitely helping you feel happier and better.

Exercise and MusicIf you are not into exercising, there are a few things that can motivate you. Make a play list with all your favorite songs or even just instrumental music if you are a fan.

Good music will help you to workout longer and also motivate you to exercise.

Choose an exercise you like. You may not be into walking or jogging but you may like yoga or Pilates, swimming or line skating, pole dancing, Bollywood workout or even the infamous Zumba.

The idea is to look around and find something that seems like fun to you so that you are willing to do it without being pushed for it.

You can even make it sensual with the likes of naked yoga, strip aerobics, sassy salsa and other such dance exercise routines.

Maybe you have a routine that you love and another that you are not too fond off. Well… them maybe you can just do your favorite when it is the turn of the not so favorite and vice versa to keep your interest spiked.

You can even rope in a friend to join you at the workout. Even if she is not working out seriously, her being there will help you push yourself to work out. If nothing else seems to work, promise yourself a gift, may be an ice cream for every five sessions that you attend.

The most difficult but also the best way is to push and to force yourself to get on the exercise floor. You may hate yourself but you will love the results.