Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Yourself!

I have recently found the importance of getting plenty of water in your daily routine is underrated.

My fingernails, my hair and skin all look and feel so much better when I am consistently hydrated.

The benefits to drinking water are so numerous and extreme it just doesn’t make sense to not drink water throughout the day.

Forget any myths you have heard in regards to ‘you shouldn’t drink too much water it isn’t good for you’. There are literally hundreds of benefits to drinking water but the three benefits that I find most crucial are:Hydrate

  1. Water fills you up. Water makes you feel full so you will eat less. Drinking water consistently through the day will greatly lower how often you snack.
  2. Water flushes toxins and bad bacteria out of your body. You feel refreshed and cleaner when you keep up your water intake. There are some opinions that increased water intake also helps your immune system fight off infections.
  3. Drinking water can increase your metabolism. Who doesn’t want a faster metabolism?

Basically I try to always have a water bottle near me and I sip all day long. Gulping water may not be bad for you but it is definitely not what I prefer.