Light Beer? In Name Only!

A chilled beer may sound positively divine when the weather is hot and you feel the need to cool down.

The health and fitness conscious among us may assuage this yearning by reaching for a light beer, and it would be an erroneous assumption that a light beer is also necessarily light in calories; some light beers are no such thing!

The term ‘Light Beer’ can often is misleading especially since you can get the same number of calories from some of the regular draught beers as you may from the light ones. And why stop at the beer?beer

Take a look at some of the other beverages you may happily be downing with nary a thought for the calories you are ingesting. Consider all of these beverages and how they may help to pack on the pounds or stubbornly refuse to let you shed them:

  • Your daily latte or coffee drinks can be where a lot of the calories lurk
  • All alcoholic drinks have some of the highest caloric value of all edible things, some more even than pure fat
  • Cocktails are another seemingly innocent place where calories lurk, they often have sweetened juices, colas or other sugary concoctions added to them
  • That sweetened sodas are calorie laden is a no brainer
  • Even fruit juices are often sugar laden even when marketed under the ‘healthy’ banner