Morbidly Obese – An Advanced Stage Of Obesity And A Chronic Life Threatening Disease!

Obesity is the problem which will be occurred to you if you are fatter or have lot of extra weight than the required weight.

There is lot of difference between over weight and obesity.

There will be no severe health problems with over weight where as you will obtain lot of health problems with obesity.

Morbidly obese is very advanced stage in obesity. You can control obesity by following certain changes in your life style like going for exercise, eating less calorie foods, consuming more number of proteins, etc. But, you can’t reduce your morbidly obese body with these methods.Morbidly Obese

Morbidly obese will be obtained to you due to excess storage of fat in your body. This is a chronic life threatening disease that needs to be treated. This morbid obese will create serious health problems and some times these problems will lead to death.

Causes of morbidly obese:

There is no particular cause to become morbidly obese. There are several causes that will lead you to morbidly obese stage.

  • Eating excess volumes of food.
  • Selecting poor food choices with high calories.
  • Less conversion of your food into energy form. That means less body workout through out the day.
  • Genetic problems. Morbidly obese will be acquired to you if you have inherited genes.
  • Your medical condition can also lead to morbidly obese.
  • Consumption of certain medicines which will create some internal problems in your body.
  • Environmental and socio-economic conditions.
  • Emotional and psychological factors.
  • Biological factors such as age, sex and hormonal changes are also responsible for morbidly obese.
  • Your poor lifestyle choices.
  • Your eating disorders.

The severe health problems with morbid obesity:

You can attain various health problems with morbid obesity such as cardiovascular problems, endocrine problems, pulmonary problems and cancer problems.

Cardiovascular problems:

  • Hyper tension is the most common problem obtained in morbidly obese people. If you control the problem of hyper tension then you can lose your weight because hyper tension will lead to gain more weight.
  • You can obtain the risk of coronary artery disease.
  • There are more chances to obtain venous stasis disease with significant chronic morbidity.

Endocrine problems:

  • The patients who are suffering with morbidly obese problem will have an increased incidence of non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus.
  • Your adipose tissue will act as endocrine organ. The hormones will lead to feminization in men and masculinization in women. Women will also face problems of polycystic ovarian disease, amenorrhea and infertility.

Pulmonary problems:

  • The occurrence of obstructive sleep apnea is 12 to 30-fold higher in the morbidly obese people than in the normal people.

Cancer problems:

  • Morbidly obese people will have high chances to obtain cancer.
  • Obese women will have high mortality rate due to endometrial, uterine, gallbladder, ovarian, cervix and breast cancers.
  • Mortality rate in obese women have also increased due to prostate cancer and colorectal cancers.

These are the severe health problems that will be obtained due to morbidly obese. The treatment for morbidly obese will include several surgeries necessary to remove fat content present in your body.