Pill To Extend Healthy Life By 10 Years Soon

For most of us, it isn’t just a long life, but a long and healthy life that is desirable and according to Harvard Professor of Pathology, David Sinclair, it may soon become possible to just pop a pill to help increase one’s life span by 5 to 10 healthy years.

pill to extend lifeIt is the activation of the sirtuin genes that will help delay aging says the professor – rather than stopping one getting old, it helps a person by pushing back the age along with the impairment, infirmity and other age related disabilities that drop dead.

According to Sinclair, this activation of the sirtuins, will help by improving a person’s endurance and memory, and also by helping to slow down the aging process and alleviating the negative effects of a high fat diet.

It could be that this seemingly magical pill will help people with arthritis, prevent cardiac arrest, slow down heart disease, prevent Alzheimer’s, and help prevent cataracts.

This could well be reality soon, if human trials prove to be as efficacious as animal trials. The impact of slowing down aging and preventing disease in animals has been seen, however the long term impacts for humans are still not known.