Post Workout: To Shower Or Not To Shower

After a hot sweaty work out, a cold shower may sound great, but not so fast. There are some dos and don’ts about showering post a workout which one needs to keep in mind.

Showering is not only a very attractive option after a workout, it is also a hygienic thing to do since it will clean your skin of the sweat as well as the oil and waste matter that the body has secreted during your work out, which would otherwise clog your pores.

However it’s important not to take a cold shower because this can shock the system since the body is heated by a recent work out and has an elevated temperature.warm shower

A warm shower will not shock the system in a similar way. Also it is best to let the body cool down somewhat after a workout, so give it about 15 minutes before you hop into the shower.

A higher temperature of water in the shower also has the benefit, according to some, of flushing out the lactic acid from the skin that can build up during the work out. Also warm water will relax the muscles and keep your circulation.