Qigong and its Many Amazing Benefits for you

Qigong is a kind of a gentle exercise which is comprised of certain movements which have to be repeated a number of times in order to stretch the body and to increase the fluid movement. This is a 3000 year old self healing method which originated in China and consists of both internal and external movements.

This is a practice through which one can build awareness of the movements and actions of the body. To know more about what qigong is and how can it benefit us, you can go through the following given information.

qigong amazing benefits

Qigong Lends to Mental Clarity

It is a fact that most of the health and medical problems which people face are due to mental and emotional stress. What qigong does is that it helps to reduce and eliminate this stress and offer mental clarity to us. It thus helps to reduce risk of suffering from a number of physical problems as well.  It strengthens and balances the energy of your mind and helps to manage morbid and depressing thoughts.

Good for Personal Development

Qigong can be considered as a total system of personal development and energy work.  The exercises which it includes are important to maintain health and also to boost the overall awareness. These exercises also tend to serve as warm up exercises and give many other internal benefits too.

It Clears Energy Blocks

Those people who are involved in doing qigong tend to feel clearing of energy blocks but this is only possible if one doesn’t only focus on enlightenment.  Qigong can help to calm and heal an agitated mind by lifting stress and providing relaxation. It can reduce negative thoughts and emotions and makes way for clear and clean thoughts.

Qigong is not Religion Specific

While it is true that this practice is mostly done by Buddhists, it is however not religion or place specific. People living in any part of the world and from any religious background can do this practice and achieve its benefits. There is no need to believe in or learn a certain philosophy to practice qigong.

Offers Taoism’s Three Spiritual Benefits

Qigong is one practice which combines and offers the three different spiritual benefits of Taoism. According to Taoism, every individual contains three treasures which are jing, chi and shen.  While jing is the essence of the physical body, chi is the energy that includes emotions and thoughts. Shen on the other hand is the spirit.

Relationship Between Qigong and Tai Chi

Another thing to know about qigong is that it shares a relationship with tai chi or other forms of internal martial arts.  It is important to remember that tai chi, just like qigong has many health and mind benefits but these can be availed only if it is practiced properly.  The traditional and complete martial arts of tai chi are nothing but advanced forms of qigong. But in the west, only a few trainers teach tai chi like qigong.