Should You Exercise When You Are Sick?

Your exercise routine is set. Keeping on track for your weight loss has been your goal, and you are close to achieving it.

This morning though, you woke up not feeling like your normal self. You are not sure whether you should continue your exercise workout or not.

Losing those pounds is important to you, but so is your health. Ending up in the hospital is not something that you want to do because you pushed your body too hard.

There are some rules that you can follow when feeling ill but still wanting to exercise. It usually depends upon how sick you really are.exercise

Throwing Up and Fever

There are two main reasons that you should not exercise. Those are if you are throwing up or if you are running a fever.

These two symptoms become worse with exercise. When you are exercising, your temperature rises naturally, and if you have a fever, you will not want it to go any higher.

This could make you feel even sicker. Feelings of nausea and that you are going to throw up, and exercises, do not mix. It is not a good thing to do any kind of good physical activity when you are throwing up. The movements of the exercises you will be doing will make your stomach feel worse than it already does.

Benefits of Exercising When Ill

Having a cold or flu is never a fun thing. Your head will feel stuffed up, and you may have a sore throat. This alone can make you feel awful. Exercising can actually loosen some of the blockage in your head.

A sore throat should not keep you from doing your workout unless you will be going out in very cold weather. Being out in the cold weather will dry out your sore throat and could make it feel worse.

Another illness that exercising will help with is a headache. Aerobic exercise will help get the blood moving through your body and open up the blood vessels that are causing your headache.

You will be surprised what exercise will do for your mood if you are feeling moody or are having a bad day. It will actually release the endorphins in your brain and make you feel better.

Other Illnesses

If you have a bad hacking cough and lung congestion, you will not want to exercise. Breathing will be harder for you to do, and exercising could cause complications for you. Having severe muscle aches and pains is another reason you should not do your exercise routine.

Get Back In Shape

You will not want to miss your workout routine for very long, so you will need to take care of yourself while you are sick. Get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water; because you do not want to become dehydrated. Make sure you start slow when you are starting to exercise again.

Exercise should help you, and not hurt you, so listen to your body when it comes to sickness and exercise.