Stress Management Techniques for Teenagers

It’s not only the adults who feel stressed and tensed. Teenagers too experience stress due to a number of reasons. Teenagers may undergo tension or stress when faced with difficulties, danger, fear or pain.  But stress must be rooted out as soon as possible, especially in the case of teenagers because it can lead to some serious issues and problems in the later stages. Here are some stress management techniques for teenagers who can be tried out to cope with extreme levels of tension and stress.

Parents can help their teens by doing the following:

stress-management-techniques-for-teenagersParents must first see whether the stress or tension faced by their teen is affecting his/her health, thoughts, feelings, studies etc or not. If this is the case then they must try to talk to him/her and should act like patient listeners. Infact parents can also help to manage stress management in teens by encouraging them in their study related or sports related activities. They must try to point out their teen’s positive qualities and make them feel important.

Teens can do the following to cope with stress:

  • One of the best ways for teenagers to cope with stress, tension or anxiety is to exercise regularly and take proper meals at the right time. Intake of excess caffeine must be avoided as caffeine can promote feelings of agitation and anxiety. It is recommended that teenagers avoid the use of illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco at all costs. Learning some relaxation methods such as muscle relaxation and abdominal breathing can also prove to be very useful while dealing with stress.
  • Learning of practical coping skills can also be effective in rooting out stress from the life of a teenager. This can be done by breaking large tasks into smaller units so as to decrease the amount of pressure that builds up. All kinds of negativity must also be erased. A teenager must try to avoid doing negative self talk and think positive thoughts as much as possible.
  • A teenager must take breaks regularly to engage in relaxing activities such as listening to music, drawing, writing, talking to a friend, spending some happy time with a pet etc.  Friends prove to be great when dealing with stress and hence a teenager can also build a group of friends and interact with them as much as possible.

These methods can be followed as a part of the stress management techniques but in case of higher levels of stress, professional consultation is recommended.