Tips For Seniors To Stay Mentally Active

As seniors look to maintain good physical health they tend to overlook an important component of overall health; and that is mental health.

Good mental health not only reflects good overall health, it also contributes to it. Here are some tips for maintaining good mental health and mental fitness for seniors:

Take a class:

If you always wanted to write a novel but never had the time, now you can take a class on novel writing and then who knows you may be able to get that book inside you published before long! Learn a new language;

you may think difficult to do with your advanced years, but take it as a challenge; one that will excite and stimulate you and your mind. Expand the sum of your knowledge by visiting the library to read new books, museums (the physical effort involved in this won’t hurt either), attend talks and lectures.

If you find that one of the things that you seemed to miss out on is the internet and computer use (it’s OK to be computer illiterate) then take a class and learn to be a dab hand at this.

Develop a new hobby or revive an old one. A hobby such as gardening, which involves considerably physical activity, can be very rewarding.

Do puzzles:

This is a time honored way of keeping your mind able and agile. Solve puzzles in the daily newspaper, or the ones available online. Do the daily Sudoku or even an old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle (no, those aren’t just for kids) particularly the more complex ones which have hundreds of different pieces.


Keep in touch and meet regularly with friends or renew forgotten friendships. Social interaction keeps your mind active and the effort of socializing will make sure that you are physically active and take an interest in the way that you look and dress.

If you find that many friends and dear ones have moved away, then take the help of social networking sites to keep in touch.

Physical exercise:

Physical exercise is one of the key factors for maintaining good mental health and fitness. Improved blood circulation, lower body fat and improved immunity that comes from physical exercise, helps keep a number of health problems at bay.

It can help lessen depression and anxiety, making one less prone to dementia etc.

Stay in touch with your grandchildren:

They can teach you a lot, keep you active and also help to keep you young!