Top Excuses Not To Get Healthy

Most of us who are not in any kind of exercise routine to get healthy probably have an excuse, all nice and tidy, for not getting up and getting moving, even though we are all aware of how good exercise is for us: body, mind and soul! Let’s look at some of the commonest excuses and how to overcome them:

I don’t have the time

This is the commonest reason cited by everyone for not being able to exercise.

Well the answer is prioritizing: is your good health and fitness more important than watching TV for that extra half hour?jogging

Is that half hour of sleep more important than a squeezing in some exercise time into your admittedly hectic schedule?

And let’s look at it another way, if you say you don’t have the time, then can you not bicycle to work? Can you not eschew the elevator in favor of the stairs every day? Find a way, find the time!

I am not fit enough / I’m too tired

Well that is precisely the point! You aren’t fit enough and need to get there! You are too tired and you don’t have the energy because you aren’t in the best of health.

Think baby steps: if you are winded by a flight of stairs you are obviously not ready to run for an hour every day. So you can start slow, start small and as your fitness levels increase (they will, as long as you stick to it) you can increase the duration and the intensity of whatever exercise you plan to do. As your fitness increases, so will your energy levels, and these excuses will disappear, just make a start.

It’s boring

It need not be! Start walking or jogging with a friend. Enroll into a gym that offers unique courses. Learn Pilates exercises or Yoga. Join a dance class; learn the Salsa or the Cha Cha Cha or whatever it is that catches your fancy.

Start playing a sport; the competitive nature of most sports is bound to keep you interested and as you see yourself getting better and fitter, that will be incentive in itself. And if one thing gets boring, make a change, keep it interesting; mix it up!

I’ve never done it; too old to start now

You know what they say; it’s never too late! So what if you never had an exercise plan, you can start now! So really all the ‘reasons’ can be whittled away for what they are: excuses! Any excuse you have, there is a solution to it; so get up and get started! Get healthy!