Top Myths about Healthy Living

Healthy living is one of the most debated topics today, and there are multiple ways to stay healthy without harming your well-being. However there are many misconceptions and myths associated with this very topic owing to its significance in our lives. In order to follow a healthy living pattern, you need to know about the major myths and truths associated with it.

myths about healthy living

Given below are some of the major diet or healthy living myths and the truths against them:

Myth: Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day

Fact: This myth sometimes sounds like a rule by health experts around the world. In reality, there is no need to count the number of times you are drinking water. Depending on the lifestyle and climate of a place and the amount of activity you are doing, the water requirement vary from person to person. It purely depends on the requirement of the person, which may vary in different people. As long as you have thirst at regular intervals and you are passing urine without hindrances in normal colour, there is nothing to worry.

Myth: Sweat Removes all the Toxins from your Body

Fact: Although exercising is beneficial for your body depending on your body type, it is NOT completely true that sweating eliminates all toxins from your body. While the gastrointestinal organs like kidneys, immune systems, lungs and liver are mainly responsible for releasing waste from the body, sweat removes about one percent of toxins only. Sweat helps to normalise our body temperature when we work out or involve in activities.

Myth: Heated Workouts Burn More Calories

Fact: The truth here is, irrespective of hot or cold, the harder you work out, more calories you burn. The weight loss that is shown immediately after a heated work out is another illusion; the lost weight or rather water is replaced once you drink fluids. Amount of calorie burn depends on the amount of effort put in by muscles which result in faster breathing rate and heart beats, rather than outside heat.

Myth: Light Weights Help to Tone up

Fact: Due to the fundamental differences between male and female body and muscle structure, a muscular pattern is not easy to build in a female body. The fact is, if you want to reshape your body it is a good idea to lift heavier weights gradually and reach your maximum limit. Light weights do not help to tone muscles, but is just done for the sake of weight lifting. It is best to do weights under the supervision of your experienced trainer.

Myth: Crunches and Abs Exercises Reduce Belly Fat

Fact: Although abs exercises and crunches help you strengthen and tone your muscles, it won’t burn belly fat off. A healthy diet and workouts aimed at whole body can help reduce belly fat as part of the overall fat burning. It is better to focus on long term goals rather than going for short cuts when it comes to exercising and healthy living.

Myth: Go for Gluten Free and Organic Foods

Fact: Although organic foods come without preservatives and boasts environment protection, there is no assurance that they include all necessary nutrients. In fact, foods labelled as gluten free cost you much high, yet there is no guarantee that it helps you become healthy or slim.

Instead of going for nuggets of healthy living in terms of work out and diet, it is advisable to develop an approach focussed on overall health improvement. Systematic workout as per your body type under the supervision of an expert, supplemented with a diet loaded with necessary nutrients can help you immensely.