Top 5 Ways to Stay Energized from Morning to Night

Even the best of task oriented workers feel fatigue by the end of the day. There are ample vitamin supplements, energy boosting exercises, diet charts and energy drinks to assist you – but few know the right applications and the rest don’t even find time for them.

Ways to Stay Energized


To clear out this messy life and enhance the productivity graph, you need to ensure that the energy levels remain really high throughout your regime of 24 hours. Apart from the right diet, physical workout and energy supplements, here are some more tips and tricks that will help you to stay agile all the time –

1. Homemade Energy Products

Green tea is said to be the most natural yet the most effective energy drink. It has loads of antioxidants that promotes optimum health and reduced chances of cardiovascular diseases. You can also make some protein smoothies at home with grinded veggies and fruits.

Beverages prepared at home if flavoured with vinegar or apple cider naturally becomes energy drink because apart from minerals and essential nutrients vinegar also has probiotic bacteria that boost immunity. Consume such natural energy drinks at least twice a day.

2. Listen to Brain Draining Music

This therapy has shown very good effect as it’s known to effect the sustained concentration of our minds and drains out all kinds of mental exhaustion. It’s fine if you are comfortable with Mozart or Bach; but also try groovy and bass instrumentals in your playlist this time and see the effect! You can carry these music files in the iPod or your cell and hear them while work or during breaks.

3. Go out in the Sun for Some time

Our energy wears out often because we do not energise our body with the natural elements like air, sun etc. The artificial lights round the clock automatically make you feel tired. Just toil under the direct sun for few minutes every day, be it while jogging, doing yoga or simply during office breaks; the vitamin D from sun will give you concrete benefits and enhance serotonin levels, which lifts mood biologically.

4. Stretching Exercises while Working

Sitting in one posture for a long time is strictly a NO – it not only makes you tired easily but brings about many health disorders. Do some easy stretching exercises that will relax the fatigue muscles and increase energy levels. Try to bend down and touch the floor, stretch your arms as much as possible in twisted position.

While standing turn and twist your hips and stretch your legs wide apart – these are few simple free handed exercises that show effect immediately!

5. Practice your Hobbies

Today’s heavy schedule usually do not allow you to spend time doing your lovable things; but this is one of the best ways to keep you energised. If you love literature, grab your favourite books while travelling to office or before bedtime. If sports are your forte, try taking glimpses of best matches through YouTube during breaks. Outdoor activities like gardening, social work etc can also be in your regime during weekends. Try to learn new hobbies and execute them in whatever little time you get.

Apart from the above said tips there are many more easy ways to keep yourself energised like maintaining an organised office desk and work routine, do not carry your office work or tensions home, take power naps during the day (10 minutes would be enough), eat healthy breakfast, practice deep breathing and meditation at least once a day, smile frequently and walk as much as possible in fresh air. These practices not only keep you energised but eventually make you a positive person with widened outlook. Try them out to see the transformation within weeks!

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