What Are The Exercises That Could Help Prevent Hernia?

There are various different kinds of hernia, which could be debilitating and disrupting of a normal healthy life.

However, making sure that our fitness levels are high and that the body is as strong and flexible as you are able to make it can go a long way to actually decrease your chances of getting a hernia.

Except those hernias that are a result of injury, others are caused by weakness of the muscles.

The following tips can help prevent hernia:

  • Doing abdominal exercises to tone and strengthen the abdominal wall. This will help the stomach muscles offer better support and prevent the hernia from protruding outward through the muscular wall.
  • Exercises like brisk walking or jogging, cycling, stair climbing and horseback riding are good for preventing hernias.
  • A good posture should be maintained while sleeping, sitting, standing and walking which can also help guard against hernia.
  • It has been seen that there are more chances of a hernia occurring among those that have extra fat deposits in the abdomen area and those that have an over loaded alimentary canal which can put pressure on the abdominal wall and cause it to rupture because of the deposits of fat and flab there.