What Works Better For Injury – Heat Or Ice?

Suffering an injury while working out, or at the gym or during any kind of activity such as muscle strain, joint pain or a sprain can be painful indeed. What is the best therapy for such injuries; what is the best way to reduce pain in the affected area

According to John Richmond, chairman of orthopedics at the New England Baptist Hospital, it is always best to treat an injury with ice.

The reason that ice is better than heat is that it constricts the blood vessels and limits the amount of blood flowing into the site of the injury.

This helps to reduce swelling and therefore pain at the site. Ice also helps by numbing the area and thereby reducing pain.

As to what is the best way to apply ice to the affected area; it is advised that commercial ice packs work effectively as do the kind that rely on a chemical reaction for instant cooling.

Also available are gel packs that you can keep in the freezer and can be reused, which are also very effective. And for those that don’t want to undergo the expense of commercial ice packs, just use the time honored quick fix: A bag of frozen peas!

After some days of ice application, you can start to use heat to help heal the area, it is advised.