Why Should You Buy Boxed Water?

We know that water is essential for life, extremely important for vital body functions, an important tool for weight loss and a key ingredient to stay fit. Everybody who wants lean muscles and a hot looking body knows that proper hydration can help a lot. This is why you should consider drinking clean and pure water.

Why Should You Buy Boxed Water

Why boxed water?

Boxed water is a new and interesting concept.

Why concept? Simply because it is an innovation in water packaging and it was created out of the logical purpose to assist in the quest for a better, healthier world.

What is Boxed Water?

Boxed water is just…water. It comes in a cardboard box with a simple design and it is regular water carefully filtered from a local source. Is not something special and it is far from being a luxury product because the brand creators did not think it as such.

Instead they chose to serve a large market – the one of packaged water – using sustainable packaging.

Boxed Water is Better

Boxed Water is Better is not just the slogan on the packaging of boxed water but an ambitious project.  It focuses on giving back to environment by reducing the carbon footprint of water packaging while serving the need of the market for simple, refreshing, simple water.

This ambitious project is continuously researching better technological options to improve the portable water world with the purpose of giving back and making the world better.

Something to give back

You should know that Boxed Water is not just preaching giving back to the environment.

The packaging is a sustainable one because it is made from certified forests which are continuously rejuvenated by replanting.

The boxes are recyclable and they are shipped flat to the filling facility to reduce both the carbon footprint of the landfill but also the one caused by repeated transportation.

Another important aspect of boxed water is that 10% of the company’s profits go to world water supply relief while other 10% are helping reforestation foundations. This will give you an idea why drinking this water will help those less fortunate and in need of water but also the forests of the world.

Why stay fit and drink boxed water?

When you think about it is pretty logic. A fit body has a leaner structure and it is prone to lead a healthier lifestyle thus producing a smaller carbon footprint. Fit people drive less and walk more, choose organic over conventional and are more aware about how their actions influence the faith of the world. This being said, isn’t it logical to choose paper over plastic in water packaging?

Consider drinking Boxed Water and be part of a daring challenge to make the world better.