Tips to Buy Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Fallen arch or flat feet is a common anatomical defect and is characterized by the entire sole of the foot touching the ground i.e. the ‘normal’ curve that we generally see is not present. It is quite normal to have flat feet. Flat feet is common in toddlers and as they grow up the arches develop.

shoes for flat feetBut in some cases when these arches fail to develop the individuals have to suffer from the discomfort of flat feet and they cannot wear the normal shoes that are available in the market. Wearing normal shoes results in blisters and pain and hence, it is important that they wear shoes that have been specifically made for flat feet.

While buying shoes for flat feet, there are certain things that you need to look for. It has been estimated that about 20% of the entire adult population suffer from flat feet. This is the reason why many shoe making companies manufacture special shoes just for people with this problem. These shoes are made by clearly understanding the anatomy of flat feet and hence, offer the comfort.

Below given are some points that must be considered before buying shoes for flat feet:

  • Look for shoes that offer artificial arch support to your feet. The arches present below your feet serve as a shock absorber and also offer support when you touch the ground. People with flat feet do not get this support and this may lead to tendon damage. So, if you have flat feet then look for shoes that offer artificial arch support in the form of a spring, so that the weight of your body gets distributed.
  • Go for shoes that have raised insoles. Raised insoles act as an artificial foot rest as higher insoles offer support to middle foot and that is really beneficial for you, if you have flat feet.
  • There are a few doctors’ shoes available that are designed for people with flat feet. These shoes have medically approved parts that offer support to the middle foot.

There are basically two types of shoes that you should buy if you have flat feet and these include the following:

Stability Control Shoes

These shoes come with a lining made up of foam at the region of the instep, thereby cushioning the arch. This lining offers comfort and support to the flat feet and the soft region makes it a very comfortable wear.

Motion Control Shoes

These types of shoes have been specifically designed for the runners and if you are one, consider these shoes to be a blessing. The side of the arches has an artificial support that would make running and long walks really comfortable for you.

It is important that you wear the right types of shoes to keep your feet healthy and it keep any kind of pain and related problems at bay. Thus consider the above given tips if you are planning to buy shoes for your flat feet.