How to Exercise With Your Pet

Your pet can be your best workout partner if you know how to train with it and what kinds of exercises you must perform.  Infact, exercising with pets is not only great for you but also great for your pet. It is a fact that nearly 35% of pets are overweight because they do not get too much of a physical workout.  Being overweight can also lead to many other health problems like breathing problems and heart problems.

How to Exercise With Your Pet

The following are the 7 most superb ways to exercise with your pet:

1. Interval Walk

Walking your pet must not be a chore for you but should rather be an opportunity to exercise. Multiple short walks a day is not only great for the health of your pet but also pretty good for your own physical workout.

2. Fetch Tease

Another way to exercise with your pet is to do fetch tease.  This exercise helps you to tone and crunch your tummy while the dog gets a good session of fetch play.  Hold the fetch toy while doing a sit up and pretend to throw the toy.

3. Dog Tag

Dog tag is yet another superb exercise for your pet and also for you.  To do this one, you will need to tag your dog and then start running in a park or in your backyard so that the pet can chase you.

4. Dogstacle Course

This is a wonderful circuit training exercise which not only helps you remain healthy and fit but also works well for overweight dogs who need a workout.  To do Dogstacle course, you will need to first put all your fitness equipments in the backyard in such a way that it kind of forms an obstacle course.  Now brisk walk through this course with your pet for a perfect physical workout involving exercises at each of the stops.

5. Squat Tease

Squat tease is a kind of a physical workout session for you and your pet which involves great physical activity and a lot of fun. In this exercise, you will need to stand at a position where your legs are apart at a shoulder width.  Now tap your pet with its favorite toy and rise a little bit so that you pet tries to grab the toy. This is a great way to get a firm butt and toned thighs.

6. Fetch Races

Fetch races can be conducted at the back side of your house for a lovely session of physical workout. This form of exercise not only makes sure that you pet remains healthy but also gives you a good time in terms of physical activity.

7. Cat Light Cardio

If your pet is a cat then you can do light cardio with it. To do this, hold a flashlight in your hand and keep it 10 feet away from the wall so that your cat tries to catch the light. Jump a few times so that the cat gets a higher target to reach.

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