How to Manage the Speed of your Metabolism with Food

One of the easiest ways to lose weight or maintain it is by taking your metabolism to a higher level. Exercising can help you a lot in pulling up your metabolic rate, but there are even metabolism-boosting foods to support this peppy weight loss journey. You need not make faces while eating them as you may have even enjoyed eating them before without knowing their worth. You just need to add these foods to your recipes and give yourself a metabolic boost. While doing so also chuck out foods which may slow your metabolism or at least try to reduce their intake.

Add Metabolism boosting Foods

So first let us talk about the good things with the foods that might help the body to generate and expend energy better. These foods have thermic effects, which in simple words bring a warming effect on the body that uses up calories. Garlic is a food that acts as a thermogenic in the body, which revs up the metabolism. The other naturally warming foods include cayenne pepper, chili and other spicy ingredients. Spices like cinnamon, pepper and ginger aid in lipid oxidation, which is the process of burning fat for energy which are more appreciated by people with weight loss goals. All are known to increase the internal heating to burn fats. The one compound common to most of these fat-burning foods is capsaicin. Besides, these antioxidant-packed spices may even help to lower your appetite and slow the growth of fat cells.

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Discard Metabolism breaking foods

While managing calories to cut down some weight, most of us fall into the trap of unfair practices which may have a negative impact on metabolism. Also by trying hard to cut your calories, if your calorie intake drops to low you can miss out key nutrients, which may again affect your metabolic rate. If you really want to boost your metabolism, better to pass through the nutritive way. With diet that rightfully includes various nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, trace minerals and vitamins you can produce energy that can be used by the body to synthesize new tissue and proteins in the form of nucleic acids.

On the other side you need to limit your consumption of some foods that could lower your metabolism. High-fat foods, Pesticide-Containing Foods, Highly Processed Foods and Alcoholic Beverages are the players of the unhealthy food team. Playing with them can trick your metabolism as well as increase your risk for insulin resistance and diabetes. Foods contamination with pesticides can further slow your metabolism more than you expected. Meals containing alcohol are also supposed to decrease the amount of fat you burn at least temporarily so consume not more than one drink if you are in a good mood and help maintain a healthy metabolism.

When you are not having all the above foods, you need to make up for the nutrients they carry. This can be done by switching to foods that not only deliver the lost nutrients but also uplifts your metabolic rate. If some of them are seasonal foods, you can find Metabolism Booster in pills too.

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