How To Stretch For Toning And Rejuvenation?

Have you ever noticed how happy dogs are?

Experts honestly think this may have a lot to do with the fact that dogs stretch first thing when they wake up.

In fact dogs stretch every time they wake up and pretty much all day long. Stretching rejuvenates the muscles, increases blood circulation and reminds you to breathe.

There is a stretch that is commonly referred to as ‘downward facing dog’. Downward facing dog stretches absolutely every muscle in your body beginning with the back and arms, back of the legs and even the feet get a good stretch. [Stretching Exercises]Downward facing dog stretches

To do downward facing dog start by standing with your feet slightly apart then reach your arms down to the floor and walk them out so you’re in a triangle position.

Now push with your arms all of your weight to your bottom, legs and feet. You should really feel a stretch go through the entire backside of your body. Breathe with this stretch.

Now shift your weight to the front by pushing with your feet and legs. At this point you should feel a stretch in your arms, back and the entire front section of your body. Hold the stretch here and breathe with it.

Now you’re going to transform into a second stretch which is commonly referred to as ‘upward facing dog’. Bring your body down directly from downward facing dog to almost a push-up stance except your arms are going to be a lot further back so it will feel a bit more awkward than a push-up and you should feel an intense stretch through the back of your body as well as you will engage the muscles of the arms.

Both upward facing dog and downward facing dog will completely tone your arms, abs, back and legs especially if you are committed enough to do them every day.

Oftentimes if you’re having fatigue issues in the middle of the day you can go into downward facing dog and it will rejuvenate you. These stretches also help you to breathe correctly, inhale deeply and relax.

Start by standing with your feet slightly apart and breathe. Raise your arms to the side and up above your head.

Clasp your hands above your head and breathe deeply. From here you can go into downward facing dog, then upward facing dog and back up into the standing position to breathe.