Simple Methods to Fight Foot Fatigue

Foot Fatigue is a very common trouble and usually occurs due to standing or walking for long period of time. Foot muscles get tired which causes pain and you may even begin to limp. Foot fatigue depends on various factors starting from your age to the time you spend on your feet.

Foot fatigue symptoms include cramping, pain, swelling as well as achiness. Most of the times these fatigue problems are overlooked which lead to some serious problems. This foot fatigue problem can be kept at bay if you pamper and treat your feet with comfortable pair of shoes as well as follow the below mentioned methods:

foot fatigue1. Treat the Underlying Disease

Some common health diseases like diabetes, arthritis, stroke-related set backs, osteoporosis can be the reason of your foot fatigue. Hence you have to be conscious about the treatments of these diseases in order to get relief from foot pain.

2. Foot Massage

Foot massage can be a good option in this regard either in the evening or when your feet are aching. Professional massage can be expensive while a good rub on your feet can also be beneficial.

3. Change Footwear

Alteration of shoes can relief you from foot fatigue. Rotation of shoes will let your feet feel comfortable and healthy. Two different pair of shoes is enough for alteration.

4. Stretching Exercises

Stretching can be another method to get relieved from foot fatigue. Start your morning with some stretching exercises that can be easily done even when you are in the bed. Wiggle and stretch your ankles, toes and arches of your feet to feel comfortable.

5. Ice Compression

Icing as well can prevent swelling of your feet due to over-work and fight the fatigue problem.

Apart from the aforesaid methods the most effective one will be incorporating exercise to your daily routine.

Foot Massage with Tennis Ball:

To begin with this exercise you have to stand on a tennis ball placed on any carpeted surface and push your body weight on it. Squeeze your toes while closing and fair it while opening. Hold for few seconds and move to the part of foot arch.

Legs up the Wall:

After a day on your feet, to regulate your blood pressure as well as to rejuvenate your health you can continue with this method of exercise. You need to lie on your floor touching your hip to the wall. After this posture you have to bend your knees slowly to your chest and form a shape of “L”.

To parallel your chin with the floor you need to place a blanket beneath you head. Arms should be placing in cactus shape and relax your belly, shoulders, neck, head and face. Hold this posture for 10 minutes but if you find painful then you can lessen the timing and gradually increase it.

Cross Crawl on Foam Roller:

This form of exercise will strengthen your muscles to fight against feet fatigue. After lying in the foam roller place your feet flat on the floor to line up your knees with hip bones. Gradually lift your one of the knee to your hip and hold it as much as you can. Apply with the rest knee as well.

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