Effective ways to get Rid of Love Handles

Love handles are actually a thing to worry as it completely spoils the physical appearance from rear view. This is basically the extra flesh that surrounds the hips and is most commonly seen in women with extra weight. There are numerous reasons why people would want to get rid of love handles.

Basically, it lowers their self esteem and the clothing will not fit properly. However, with a little time and efforts, you can get rid of them easily. Below mentioned are some effective tips, which will help you to get rid of the love handles.

love handles


Some exercises are the best to reduce the love handles and this will definitely help in enhancing your appearance. They are mentioned below.

Bicycle Crunch

You need to lie on your back and then take your hands behind the ears. Once this has been done, raise the right knee towards the chest and then forward the left elbow so that it meets the right knee. To do for the other leg, straighten the bent leg and then continue with it.

Russian Twist

Sit on floor with feet flat and the knees bent. Make sure to lean back so that it forms a gentle incline. This should be such that it should force the abdominal muscles so that it remains upright. When you feel comfortable, make sure to stretch the arms at the front and later, begin with twisting of the torso first towards the left and then towards the right. This exercise can be strengthened by holding medicine ball or a safe weight.

Plank Knee Drive

This will first involve staying in the plank position, wherein you can rest on the hands or elbows and later you are required to bring the knee at a time and this needs to be in slow motion. Do this till it touches the elbow. The leg is later required to be returned to the straight position and then the other leg needs to be brought forward.


Even by following a healthy diet, you can get rid of love handles easily and the tips for the same are mentioned below.

Vegetables and Fruits

Various vegetables and fruits will be featured with a lot of fiber, vitamins and various other nutrients. They help in lowering the fat deposits and thereby promotes good and healthy shape.

Healthy Proteins and Fats

Lean promote is important for the sake of promoting the complete health. Foods that are high in protein normally include beef, chicken, legumes, eggs and tofu. Also efforts need to be made for the sake of meeting the required daily food intake in the form of healthy oil and fat and the best of this could be olive oil, nuts and Omega 3-rich fish.

Whole Grains and Fiber

Fiber will not only help you to feel full, but it would also encourage the discharge of fat from body. Vegetables, fruits and legumes are known to be rich in fiber. The whole grains such as oatmeal and quinoa should also be consumed to stay healthy.

Another important thing that should be considered is to avoid the junk food. When a healthy lifestyle is followed and the above tips are considered, you can definitely get rid of the love handles.

Photo Credit By: huffingtonpost.ca