Guided Meditation Changes Your Life

Guided meditation is the best way if you want to start meditation.

Guided meditation is nothing but taking help of guide to meditate.

If you are going to start meditation, it will be difficult to concentrate intensely.

With the help of guided meditation, you can concentrate and the process of meditation can be easier.

The guided meditation can be live or recorded and the voice helps step by step to guide you for meditation. Guided meditations have specific purposes such as healing or self improvement. Some meditations are intended to produce peace and calmness.guided meditation

By guided meditation, you can attain peace and you will be relieved from stress from everyday life. If you have experience in meditation, still you can use a guide to improve your concentration.

Taking the help of a guide means, a person will be present along with you in your room to read book which is inspirational. If the other person is reading the book, you can concentrate on the words read by the person in order to concentrate deeper. The person meditating feels inspired by hearing the words repeated if the words are inspirational.

Many meditation CDs and cassettes are available in the market. You can meditate by hearing the cassettes or CDs and can concentrate on the words. Most CDs or cassettes have positive and inspirational words which help you to meditate and remove any thoughts or feelings which are bad.

A guided meditation helps you to meditate in a proper way to benefit from meditation. If you are doing meditation at the class, the guide helps you if you are meditating in a wrong way or if you have difficulty in focusing while meditating. The guide recognizes your difficulty and helps to resolve your problems. A guided meditation can be held for a group of persons with specific goal. The goal of the group is to achieve physical well being.

Meditation also makes you healthier and focused. Guided meditation helps you in achieving goal such as spiritual awareness. Guides help you to focus on specific issues and direct their energy to that issue. Guided meditation helps to relieve from stress as well help in dealing with your personal issues. It is good for you if you are a beginner and having difficulty in concentration.

Some guided meditations are imagery that means you are asked to imagine an object and concentrate on that object. Some guided meditations ask you to concentrate on your breath.

You have to practice until meditation becomes part of your life. If you are practicing guided meditation using CDs or cassettes, you have to select a place which is completely silent and can play slow and soothing music. Begin your meditation by relaxing yourself. Breathe in and out and concentrate on your breathing and listen to your breathing. You can practice different techniques until you find a suitable technique for you.

Meditation lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol. It decreases your depression, anxiety and irritability. It increases your memory, creativity and learning ability. It lowers your metabolic rate and heart rate. It slows your aging process.

Guided meditation changes your life forever. The more you practice, the more you tuned to your inner self. You can grasp different views and perspectives.