Learning how to Meditate

If you have decided to learn meditation, it is the best decision with regard to improving the overall quality of life.

Meditation makes your mind and muscles relax. Your mind will be free of thoughts.

Before starting meditation, you have to follow few points. Meditation is a simple and effective practice to learn.

Before starting daily meditation, you take help of meditation teacher to guide you how to meditate and how to deal with difficulties for some techniques.

If you have right teacher to guide you, it is easy to learn meditation.

If you don’t have time to meditate regularly, you can practice for at least twenty minutes daily.meditation

Establish a regular time schedule to practice meditation. You have to change your activities and have to allot time for meditation regularly.

You have to choose the time in such a way that no disturbances should be there at that time.

You can select any meditation technique and do it regularly at the same time. You can fix your time in the morning or evening based on your work schedule. Once you have fixed the time, you have to follow it regularly and should not give excuses to yourself.

Select a place to meditate where no one can disturb you. No noise or sounds should disturb and practice every day in the same place. In the beginning, you can meditate in a separate room because of disturbances and sounds which may cause interruption to your concentration.

You can practice meditation by sitting on a mat or on the chair with back straight. Select a comfortable place to meditate but it should not be that much comfortable so that you can sleep. You can wear loose clothes which are comfortable to you.

To learn how to meditate, three factors are important:

Posture: Before starting meditation, you have to sit straight because this makes your nerves right and alert. If you lay down, you may fall asleep. You can sit by crossing your legs. Following the right posture makes you sit in a relaxed way. Close your eyes and relax your mind and muscles in the body.

Breath: After relaxing, you have to breath slowly. You have to inhale, hold the breath and exhale. Your concentration should be on the breath. You can also breath by one nostril keeping other closed and doing the same with closed nostril.

Attitude: you should be relaxed and should have confident attitude before starting meditation.

If you practice meditation, you can do any where in the crowded place and in a stressful situation also. As you close your eyes, your mind gets new ideas. It also improves your creativity and problem solving capacity.

With regular meditation practice you will feel ten to fifteen years younger than your age. If you feel tired, stressed or depressed, you can practice meditation to relax yourself and get rid of all problems.