7 Powerful Ways to Meditate at Work

Meditation is one of the most amazing practices not just for the health of a person but also for the mind. This practice quiets the mind, helps one concentrate better and also gives peace and calm. If you are someone who feels stressed out at work due to which you think your performance deteriorates, then you can follow some simple meditation tips that can be performed at work.

These quick methods of meditation can be done at the workplace and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The following are the 7 most powerful ways to meditate at work:

powerful ways to meditate at work

1. Observe your Breath

One of the best and easiest ways to meditate at work is to observe your breath. Take a break for a few minutes and try to concentrate on your incoming and outgoing breath. While doing so, make sure your eyes are closed and your feet are rested flat on the floor.

2. Smiling Meditation

Another way to quickly meditate at the workplace is to do smiling meditation. If you are feeling tensed and stressed out, find a vacant spot in the office and smile after closing your eyes. You will be surprised how quickly this can relax you.

3. Walking Meditation

If you can find a small break from work then one way you can relax your mind is by going for a short walk. If you cannot get out of office, then head to the balcony or the terrace and begin to walk. This will help you gather your thoughts and will make you feel relaxed.

4. One Word Mantra

Another way you can meditate quickly at work is to practice one word mantra. In this form of meditation, you need to sit with your feet flat on the ground and then pick a word as your mantra. Pick a positive mantra which works well on you and then say that word in your mind for about 1-2 minutes. Your mind may wander but keep your thoughts focused. This will definitely help take the stress off.

5. Deep Breathing

You will be surprised at how something as simple as deep breathing can help you so much. Practice deep breathing for about 1-2 minutes and you will find a change in your thoughts. You will feel the stress lifting out of your body.

6. Musical Meditation

Music too is a form of meditation and you can try it out at work. All you need to do is to pick up a cool tune, something which relaxes you and hum it for a few minutes. If possible, listen to a good song on your phone with headphones on. This will result in making you feel much calmer.

7. Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness exercise can help you gather your thoughts and become more focused. For this, you will need to take out 5 minutes and be mindful of every action during that time. Focus on your body movements, things around you, touch, sound and everything else happening around you.

The above given ways of meditation will surely help you to feel relaxed at workplace.