Meditation Aids Prison Inmates Towards Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating prisoners in a meditation camp is an age old practice all over the world. Apart from just prisoners of war, regular law breakers in society also need to have a purpose that could motivate them to be a better person. Meditation theories also create a barrier between the prisoners and their possible psychiatric disorder through rejection or shame or even mere loneliness while they serve their sentence in prison. Thus rehabilitation or correction facilities were set up.

Over the years many new techniques and ways have been put to test to motivate these law breakers for a better life. One of the most recent and quite successful techniques has been through meditation.

Meditation is a practice where the individual is being trained to mould his/her mind and induce the virtues of consciousness for extended benefit. It not only promotes relaxation but also creates internal energy of generosity, forgiveness and patience and love. Meditation started in one of the famous prisons in India as a way of rehabilitation for prisoners but today it has gained considerable success throughout the world. It is a creative way for prisoners to face correction facilities and has its own advantages.

meditation aids prison inmates towards rehabilitationLess Depression and Other Unwarranted Behavior

Prison inmates who indulge in meditation and study the techniques are prone to less depression or other negative feelings like helplessness, and hostility. They also gradually give up on a lot of unwanted habits like smoking and drinking. It is a great way of personal development where inmates can reflect at their own actions and learn to take a firm step to correct themselves. It also helps prevent a lot of hostile outbreak and fights inside the prison quarters among the inmates.

Healthy Relationship Builder

Many prisons that include meditation program in their correction facilities also have on board several other prison staff and other officials for their own personal development. This way prison staff and prison inmates can come in contact with one another not under any obligation that helps build relationship and understanding between the staff and the inmates.

Cheap Alternative

Although intense form of meditation works very well with people with a degree of psychological sophistication and people with less sophisticated psychology, like the ones who become agitated and angry easily it might not work at all. This might lead them to take shelter and help in psychiatric medication thus making them addictive. Fortunately, meditation has different forms and levels and the ones which are simpler can work miracles on everyone alike. It is cheap and easy to execute.


It is one of the oldest types or forms of art born and developed in India more than 2,500 years ago. The technique helps improve self-awareness by connecting both mind and body. It teaches its practitioners how to completely divorce themselves of both their past and future and focus completely in their present.

It is a perfectly scalable form of meditation for the prisoners and is universal in nature. It is readily acceptable and easy to execute and can be run at minimum cost. All these make it perfect for a rehabilitation and correction technique absolutely perfect to be practiced within a prison by the inmates.