Meditation And Connecting With The Inner Self

Mediation is based around one concept: that the universe has a special energy and life force that affects the way every human lives their life and what they get out of it.

This basic inner spirituality is what effects our decisions, our bodies, and our thoughts and learning how to harvest it means learning how to correctly make decisions that bring contentment.

Essentially, the same is true of fitness mediation which takes these principles and applies them to the body. If you learn how to properly channel your inner energy then you will be able to get much more out of any simple workout routine.mediation

It is hard to describe this inner energy, although mystics and saints have often described this inner contentment as spirituality, contentment, the inner self, an illusionary force, and the unconscious.

The idea however is that once you learn how to tap into this energy you will become one with the world around you and learn how to truly exist as a part of the universe in accord which will bring about positive effects that will change your life.

Most believers of the value of mediation believe that your mind prevents you from connecting with this inner self or unconscious state because logic does not accept the inner guidance. In other words, your conscious self is at battle with your unconscious state, until you learn how to channel it into a daily part of your life.

This can be explained also by looking at how many states of being are defined simply by their opposites.

For example, without a clear definition of warmth we would not be able to recognize cold or without evil we would not recognize good. In other words, the conscious and unconscious exist side by side to draw awareness to the state of energy.

The brain itself is actually an example of this concept as it is divided into two hemispheres, the left and right which perform separate functions for the body.

Most people are considered right or left brained based on if they are more spatial or non-spatial meaning that almost every human has a state of unrest in existence in their actual body!

Thus, it is easy to see how the answer to changing life and habits may be simply learning how to tap into the inner consciousness instead of always relaying on our brains to give us the correct answer.

By reprogramming one’s self and learning how to think in more holistic benefits every activity performed in life may have longer lasting positive results.