Meditation Benefits

Meditation is concentrating our mind for inner peace. You attain relaxation with meditation.

Meditation gives balance emotionally, mentally and physically. With meditation, a person can manage stress, anxiety and tension.

Meditation technique helps in removing destructive thoughts from mind and gives happiness to your life.

There are many benefits of meditation if you follow regularly.

Benefits of meditation:

The psychological benefits of meditation are reduced depression, reduced anxiety and stress, reduced irritability and moodiness, increased self esteem and concentration, increased alertness and emotional control, increased memory and reasoning and increased intelligence.meditation

The physiological benefits of meditation are lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, lowering chronic pain, high skin resistance, decreased aging process and increased immune system.

Depression: You may feel hopeless, helpless and mentally upset if you are depressed. Meditation increases your self confidence and feels much better after meditation. You feel relaxed and out of depression if you practice meditation regularly.

Stress: You may be affected with stress in life that comes from family, work place and outside. The hormones and other biochemical compounds which increase the stress tend to decrease with the practice of meditation. Reduction of stress leads to reduction in tension and anxiety.

Chronic pain: Chronic pain affects your quality of life. People who are suffering with stress experience more pain and become more stress which increases the pain. Meditation helps in reducing the pain and stress and improves your quality of life.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS): Women suffer with PMS problems. The symptoms become worse when women are under stress. They may feel nervous, tensed and fatigue. They may experience pain along with these symptoms. If you meditate regularly, your stress and tension can be reduced. The PMS pain can be reduced due to the decrease in stress, tension and anxiety.

Respiratory diseases: The respiratory diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease make breathing difficult. Breathing techniques in meditation helps with these breathing conditions and eliminates these problems.

Heart disease: Transcendental meditation is proved to be successful in treating various heart problems and decreasing blood pressure.

Memory: Meditation improves your memory power. Meditation is done by concentrating on any object or thing by clearing your mind with unnecessary thoughts. If you are concentrating on a particular object, the concentration and memory power can be developed.

The other benefits of meditation are, it helps a person to quit smoking, drugs and alcohol. When pregnant women practice meditation, it helps in minimizing the labor pains. Meditation also helps in curing arthritis. Meditation helps to improve irritable bowel syndrome. It also treats ulcers. People who practice meditation relieve from insomnia. Meditation helps to prevent muscle and joint problems.

Panic attacks can be treated with drugs. But breathing techniques in meditation helps in treating the panic attacks without usage of drugs. Meditation helps in lowering body temperature and extends your longevity. Meditation helps in improving relationship with others.