Meditation For Beginners: A Step By Step Guide

Meditation for beginners is for if one has never meditated before. Chances are that one feels either intimidated by the entire process, thinking it’s too difficult or is dismissive of it, as being new age mumbo jumbo.

However meditation can have innumerable benefits for the mind as well as the physical body, and even if you’ve never done it before meditation for beginners can be explained with some easy steps by step directions.

meditation for beginnersWhen it comes to meditation for beginners it is important to remember that meditation is a process of concentrating the power of the mind to not only help it relax and calm down, but also help it achieve its highest potentiality in all matters.

It can be a journey into self discovery which will help uncover abilities in you that you didn’t know existed.

  • Firstly you may want to find a place that promotes a meditative mood – a corner in the home is fine, you may light a candle if it helps to set the mood. Or the outdoors is also great, where you not only start on the journey of meditation for beginners but also commune with nature.
  • Choose a time of day when you are fresh in the mind and for this, early in the morning could be an excellent time to meditate. However many people find that meditating right after a grueling day’s work also works very well for them, helping melt away the stress and pressures of the past hours. However take care not to meditate right after a big meal.
  • There is no need to be dressed any particular way, comfortable clean clothing is all that you need. There is also no particular manner in which to sit – just sit comfortably, on the floor, a chair, a cushion, anything. Take off your shoes and sit in an erect position.
  • Start by concentrating on your breathing – long slow deep breaths and start to center your concentration within
  • Try and empty your mind of all the different thoughts. For beginners, this part of meditation is difficult and takes time to do. You will find that all sorts of different thoughts will keep flitting into your mind.But try to filter those out, by picking some soothing visual or image to concentrate on. if you have a candle burning before you, try and concentrate all your thoughts and energies on to it, trying to focus fully and intensely
  • You can use meditative music or some sort of meditative mantras or chanting, to the equation.For beginners, this meditation element works very well, because it gives one something to focus the energies on, to center the mind and empty it of extraneous thoughts. Also the rhythmic and repetitive nature of the music will help you melt way the stress and enhance your power of concentration

There is no prescribed duration for meditation, you can do it for 10 minutes or you can devote a lot more time to it. However if you do it with concentration and sincerity, you will soon find that not only your mind, but also your body starts to reap the many benefits of this.

Start with meditation for beginners as your first step and graduate to other levels to achieve maximum results.