Meditation Music: The Great Healer Of Modern Life

Meditation music is not only music played while you meditate, it is gentle music or sounds that help you feel calm and relaxed.

Meditation music was developed by meditation teachers, to help them achieve the mindless state that is much-sought through meditation.

The original style of music used for meditation was sounds from nature, like the buzzing of bees, moving water, waves breaking on the shore, thunder and wind moving leaves and chimes.

It is often repetitive and tuneless, in a purely musical sense of the word. Many people find these natural sounds very soothing and comforting, whether they are meditating or not.meditation music

Modern meditation music is often electronic; that is, produced on a computer.

It is more like a soundscape than actual music notes, and these sounds are believed to induce a state of deeper meditation.

This style of meditation music has been consciously designed to assist the meditator to hold the awareness and focus necessary to achieve this state.

As a meditator, you are encouraged to “get inside” the music and let it envelop you.

Music has great potential for healing, and meditation music is now accepted as beneficial in areas other than meditation.

Because the style of music is soft and soothing, it is successfully used to treat anxiety disorders and depression. Research has shown that certain soundscapes can dramatically decrease a person’s stress levels, inducing a feeling of calm, peace and relaxation.

The gentle sounds of alpha wave meditation music bring a state of relaxation to the body, and research has shown that these sound waves influence both mind and body.

You will feel calm and at peace when you give yourself over to this style of music and sound. Alpha wave sounds are particularly effective when listened to with earphones from an mp3 player or ipod.

Meditation music and stress

Stress is a part of life, and some degree of stress is actually beneficial to us. Unfortunately, the amount of stress suffered by many people these days is way past what is good for us.

For many people, dangerous chronic stress is a serious health problem. Chronic stress develops when we don’t take time out from the tension of everyday life; when we don’t allow moments of relaxation and relief from our busy lives.

When listening to meditation music, certain changes occur in the body. The most significant, as far as reducing stress is concerned, is that the rate of breathing slows and we start to breathe more deeply.

This automatically creates relaxation of muscles, the heart rate drops and takes the blood pressure down with it. The production and release of serotonin (the feel-good hormone) and other hormones is increased, and this is why meditation music makes us feel so good.

So meditation music has more applications than its original purpose. While it does assist complete relaxation and mind-control during meditation, it also offers us a wonderful method for relaxation, anxiety and stress relief.

A meditation soundscape is a great way to help you feel calmer and give much needed time-out from hectic lifestyles.